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Free baby crochet pattern

Crochet Pram Cover - Blanket

USA Termination


WS.     Wrong Side              

RS.      Right Side                  

sc.       Single Crochet         

dc.      Double Crochet

st.       Stitch

rpt.     Repeat

sl st.   Slip Stitch

Size: Approximately 25” x 22” Finished


7oz of Baby Fingering Yarn in Main Color

1.75oz of contrast Color Fingering, G (4.50mm) & F (4.00mm) crochet hooks

TENSION/GAUGE - 9dc & 6 rows of dc measures approximately 2” square (5cm X 5cm)


With main color yarn and using g (4.50mm) hook ch83. (RS) Change to F (4.00mm) hook, 1dc in 4th ch from hook, * skip ch1, 2dc in next ch * rpt from * to * last 3ch’s, skip ch1, 1dc in each of last ch2. Turn. (38, 2dc groups plus 3 single dc and ch3)

Next Row - ch3, 1dc in first dc, skip 1dc * work 2dc in space between next 2dc, skip 2dc * rpt from * to * to last dc and ch3 to turn, 1dc in single dc, 1dc in top of ch3. Turn.

Rpt last row until 60 rows have been worked in all from beginning. Turn.

Next Row - ch1, 1sc in base of ch1, 1sc in each dc to last ch3 to turn, 3sc in top of ch3, working down side of blanket work 90sc evenly along to end, 3sc in last st, 1sc in each ch along bottom of blanket to last st, 3sc in last ch, work 90sc evenly up second side of blanket to end, sl st to first sc. Turn. Work one more row of 1sc in each sc around all four sides of blanket working 3sc in corners and sl st to first sc. Turn.

Next Row - ch3, 1dc in each sc to end, working 3dc in corners and sl st to top of ch3 on beginning of row. Turn. Work two more rows of 1sc in each st around all four sides of blanket working 3sc in corners and sl st to first sc. Fasten off. Turn.

Next Row - Join in contrast color and work ch1, 1sc in base of ch1, * (1sc in next sc, ch3, 1sc in first of ch3, 1sc in same sc), (Picot made) 1sc in each of next 2sc, * rpt from * to * around four sides of blanket, sl st to first sc. Fasten off.   


Sew and tie off any loose ends of yarn and thread ribbon through dc’s and tie in a bow. Attach a Pearl Button to centre of Bow.

Hope you enjoy it.

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